Invited Speakers


Dr. Alon Krispin, The Israeli National Institute of Forensic Medicine (NIFM), Tel-Aviv University ( is a senior doctor and lecturer of forensic pathology. Director of the forensic radiology service in the NIFM since 2014. Involved in training program and academic courses for forensic pathology in Israel, and lead the implementation of postmortem radiology nationwide.





Anders Eriksson, ( is Professor of Forensic Medicine at Umeå University, Senior Consultant in Forensic Medicine at the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine, Scientific Advisor in Forensic Medicine at the National Board of Health and Welfare, and member of the National Review Board in Forensic Medicine. Since 2008 he is also Director of Studies for specialist training of residents in Forensic Medicine in Sweden.

His main research interest is injury analysis and prevention. During the last 4 years he has also worked with quality assessment of scientific publications at the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services.




Professor Sarah Hainsworth, ( is a Professor of Materials and Forensic Engineering in the Department of Engineering at the University of Leicester. Her forensic engineering interests lie in the areas of materials characterization and failure investigation, and in forensic engineering science related to stabbing and dismemberment. She has pioneered the use of micro-computed tomography for the investigation of tool marks in bone and other forensic applications and contributed to the examination of the remains of Richard III.




Peter K. Larsen, PhD from the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen ( works as forensic anthropologist at the Unit of Forensic Anthropology, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen. Working areas are forensic gait analysis, facial recognition and measuring of people based on video footage (photogrammetry). Involved in research and development of new methods for reconstruction of crime scenes in 3D.


Dr Robert Stephenson, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Aarhus (, is an EU funded Marie Sklodowska-Curie research fellow. Dr Stephenson’s research interests lie in the field of functional cardiac anatomy. Exploiting national and international collaborative relationships he uses multi-scale imaging techniques, including micro-CT and synchrotron-CT, to investigate the micro-structure and function of the working myocardium and cardiac conduction system in healthy and failing hearts.​



Invited Speaker - Program B

M. Phillipe Gerson
. Hôtel Dieu Paris Hospital, Paris, France