Practical Information

For contact during conference, please call this number: +45 39460501 (Julie Drehn)


Taxi in Odense

Odense Taxi +45 66154415


Parking at conference venue SDU, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense

Parking is free, but you must register your car! Please use screen/Ipad at the entrance doors!


Friday May 12, 2017 

Great Prayer Day (store bededag) is a special Danish festival falling on the fourth Friday after Easter Sunday, this year Fridag May 12 2017. This means that many shops will be closed on this day.

Both the previous evening and on Great Prayer Day itself, people eat hot wheat buns and go for a walk in a park. The Great Prayer Day was put on the Statute book in 1686 and combined several lesser fast and prayer days. Under the law, all trade, work, etc were forbidden on this day. The bakers therefore hit on the idea of baking some wheat buns which could be heated up and eaten the following day. It gradually became common throughout the country to eat the hot buns on the evening before Great Prayer Day.